When Heroes Fall Asleep.

When Heroes Fall Asleep
We grow naked to trail empty streets.
A red scarf on the turf won’t soak Liverpool’s tears because scoundrels of American Greed have returned their loot, but my loved ones have departed.

When Heroes Fall Asleep
Family ties and Silver spoons mingle solemnly beyond the meadows of ignorance but only victims Change the world.

When Heroes Fall Asleep
Children of men ogle seductive shadows of present past. Still, a third of my brain belongs to the worms in my head
The same worms that excavate with me, diamonds from Sierra Leone.

When Heroes Fall Asleep
Hypomania is grandiose and snakes of Entrepreneurship slither through my pay checks.
This is a letter to farmers and spies, bring back our daughters. Many have run from sharks who drink with comrades through their skin.

When Heroes Fall Asleep
Geniuses exude robotic fantasies before television rules the nation.
We live, We die, We wonder
Love for love. Life is simple. Breathe, smile and eat. Pray everyday and do the speed limit.



  1. I couldn’t pick a favorite. Send these to a publisher and do what you’ve been born to do. I’m not a poetry person but these are easy to get into.


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