They hooked something similar swamp people, just a little sinister, so he sang about it Sinatra
Does Mona Lisa smile because Nat King Cole is unforgettable or is a selfie behind the Berlin Wall regrettable?
June is almost here and still cold for my skin I fear. At the mall yoga pants are overrated, you either have it or you don’t have leggings
Seeds of villains sprout in the cold earth of Fargo, but Michael still bubbles under the moondance
We all love Scarlet but Garfield has the best girlfriend
Dark horses come at me but I’m calm as fuck and they don’t even know it
Rocking chairs take me to Woodstock but only four hundred and twenty soldiers came. What a shame because four out of five dentists recommend this shit
Don’t pin this, just press it between newspapers with cold words
Happy monsters go coo coo as the night’s silence drips in my ear
Good news, bad news, no news. Crimea?
I don’t watch CNN but Brooke Baldwin is convincing
Little angels from the orient run away from water but depth is too slippery
The drifters brought us a magic moment but legends still give all of them.
Love for love. Life is simple. Breathe, smile and eat. Pray everyday and do the speed limit.
Drink with true friends as long as you remember Paul was the true Walker.

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