Ego Trippin!

My Presence is my greatness
Sleep was a disorder when we lost time between stolen dreams and pregnant virgins
I rose to fall but it was wet,
It was wet with kisses from winds that blew over water like love
My ego is my engine
Patience is the companion of wisdom because i have them both
God speaks to me through me
I will change the world tonight if only i can find insomnia
Happy monsters have graduated and their mothers legs run with glee
I feel love, i will love, so she can be loved



  1. Enough talk about broken dreams, enough dreams about wasted time, enough time without dreams come true, enough truth in this time gone by.
    Build a wall out of hope, gather hope with your heart. Hope the wall holds up faith and the heart won’t give out.
    Break the walls, grab the faith, leave your hopes, mend your heart. Grind the bricks, make the clay, all your lessons never part.
    If there’s one thing we can know for sure is that nothing lasts forever. Only the lessons we learn from them. But you have faith and drive. Keep striving man I can’t wait to see the result 🙂


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